Department Administration

Community and Economic Development 

Vision, Mission & Values

The staff members of the Community and Economic Development Department follow guiding principles in our daily efforts to achieve positive, goal oriented results as we conduct our core work programs and provide service to the public. Our guiding principles are expressed through the Vision, Mission, and Values described below.

Vision – Our vision is to maintain the trust and confidence of the people we serve and to be the best place to work in the community.

Mission – The mission of the Town of Mammoth Lakes Community and Economic Development Department employees is to provide the highest quality services and amenities possible to our community, with the guidance of the Town Council.

Values – Our core values guide how we serve the community and how we provide the quality and level of service they expect and desire. Our six values are:

  • Accountability and Responsibility - We support and implement the priorities of the Town Council and we are accountable for our performance and our organization’s success.
  • Flexibility - We respect the diversity of opinion resulting from a participatory government and we strive to be a versatile and dynamic organization in responding to new challenges and priorities.
  • Innovation - We constantly look for new and better ways to deliver high quality services, solve problems, and achieve positive outcomes.
  • Integrity - We are reliable and trustworthy stewards of the public's resources and we are guided by high standards of fairness and ethical and moral principles in all we do.
  • Professionalism - We provide complete, fact-based and unbiased information to our decision makers, customers, and community and we strive to be the best through staff development and sound leadership.
  • Responsive - We are a customer-based and performance-driven organization and we respond with mutual respect and sensitivity to the needs and situations of our fellow employees and the people we serve.