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Parcel Update: Town Council Approves 2021 Parcel Master Plan and Phase 1 Design Review

On Wednesday, February 3, the Town of Mammoth Lakes reached a significant milestone in its efforts to deliver affordable housing to the community. The Town Council approved the Phase 1 Design Review Application that will allow the first 81 units of affordable housing to be built on the 25-acre "Parcel" site located south of Main Street and west of Laurel Mountain Rd. “The Parcel” has long been slated for housing the working residents of Mammoth Lakes but private ownership of the land and the immense cost of delivering workforce housing has prevented development. “Until now!” Town Manager Dan Holler stated with excitement. “We are thrilled to start working toward meeting the critical housing shortages that have long been identified and hope to have apartments ready for occupancy in early 2023.”

Phase 1 rendering 2

The February 3 Town Council action is the culmination of almost five years of work to bring more affordable housing to Mammoth Lakes. The Town began real estate negotiations with the private landowner in 2017 which led to the Town’s purchase of the land in 2018. The community of Mammoth Lakes embraced the Town’s bold step and organized a Housing Summit in November of 2018 which brought housing experts from all over the country to Mammoth Lakes to discuss issues and solutions. The Town Council funded the “Plan the Parcel” effort which included dozens of community meetings and a weeklong charrette and resulted in a January 2021 Town Council approval of the 2021 Parcel Master Plan for the property that allows for the development of up to 580 permanently affordable housing units for residents of Mammoth Lakes in the coming years. 

parcel site plan

The Pacific Companies ( based in Eagle, ID was selected as the Town’s development partner in 2019 after a significant outreach effort and due diligence. As one of America’s most prolific developers of workforce housing, The Pacific Companies (TPC) is deeply committed to addressing this need by partnering with local governments, social service providers, and corporate equity investors—together creating sustainable community assets. TPC developed its first apartment project in Mammoth in 2004 and has worked throughout the Sierra Nevada since that time. “Partnering with the Town of Mammoth Lakes on this significant project is an honor and privilege” adds Caleb Roope, President and CEO of The Pacific Companies.  “The community has worked very hard, spent significant public funds and staff dedication to reach this place where we can submit to the State for financing.”

 While 2020 brought challenges on a global level, it did not slow down the Town’s affordable housing goals.  The Town and The Pacific Companies were awarded a $20 million Infill Infrastructure Grant to support critical infrastructure development and the Town expects site work to begin summer 2021 and occupancy of the units to occur in 2023. 

Phase 1 rendering

Construction of 80 units at below 120% AMI as part of Phase 1 of the project will be a significant step towards accommodating the “fair share” of the regional housing need in Mammoth Lakes as identified in the updated Housing Element’s Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA). Mammoth’s RHNA for 2019-2027 is 155 units with 90 units at moderate income and below (up to 120% AMI). Once completed, the project will also address a substantial portion of the workforce housing need identified in the 2017 Community Housing Action Plan housing needs assessment, which found that 595 units are needed to address current housing shortages and keep up with future demand. This includes approximately 121 ownership units and 230 rental units for moderate income households and below (351 total units at ≤120% AMI). While the majority of units to be developed on the Parcel site are intended to be rental units at or below 120% AMI, the Master Plan allows for up to 15% of units (up to 87 units total) to be homeownership units.

Town Council Meeting - January 6, 2021

The Town Council will conduct a public hearing to consider 

  • District Zoning Amendment (DZA) 20-001 to adopt the 2021 Parcel Master Plan, replacing the 1991 Shady Rest Master Plan and creating new site-specific zoning and affordability requirements for The Parcel site;
  • Zoning Code Amendment (ZCA) 20-005 to repeal Town of Mammoth Lakes Municipal Code Section 17.32.020, Affordable Housing Overlay Zone (AH) and replace with the 2021 Parcel Master Plan zoning standards.  

Planning & Economic Development Commission Meeting - December 9, 2020

The Planning and Economic Development Commission conducted a public hearing and recommended that the Town Council adopt/approve the following:

  1. District Zoning Amendment (DZA) 20-001 to adopt the 2021 Parcel Master Plan, replacing the 1991 Shady Rest Master Plan and creating new site-specific zoning and affordability requirements for The Parcel site;
  2. Use Permit (UPA) 20-003 requesting a 100% density bonus pursuant to Zoning Code Chapter 17.138 (Town Density Bonus Program) to allow for up to 580 affordable housing units to be constructed in phases on the 25-acre site where 300 units is the maximum number allowed by the underlying RMF-1 zoning district;  
  3. Design Review (DR) 20-005 for the first phase (Development Area 1) of The Parcel affordable housing development, which includes initial infrastructure improvements and construction of up to 81 units (80 affordable multi-family housing units and 1 manager unit) along with a daycare facility, community center, and public park; and 
  4. Zoning Code Amendment (ZCA) 20-005 to repeal Town of Mammoth Lakes Municipal Code Section 17.32.020, Affordable Housing Overlay Zone (AH) and replace with the 2021 Parcel Master Plan zoning standards.  

Planning & Economic Development Commission Resolution 20-07

The Town prepared an Infill Environmental Checklist consistent with Government Code Section 15183.3. 


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Draft Parcel Master Plan Available for Public Review and Comment!

A Draft version of the Master Plan, which will ultimately create new site-specific zoning for the Parcel, is available online for your review. Please take some time to review the Draft Master Plan and to take our short survey on the Engage Mammoth Lakes website. The Draft Master Plan will be available for public review from 5:00 pm on October 26 through 4:00 pm on November 10, 2020.  Survey results and comments from the public review of the Draft Master Plan will be provided to the Planning and Economic Development Commission and Town Council for discussion at their Joint Meeting on November 10, 2020 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm (a Zoom link will be provided prior to the meeting) and will inform the final draft of the Master Plan. The PEDC hearing for the draft Master Plan is scheduled for December 9, 2020. Thanks again for your interest- please stay engaged as we continue to work towards making the community vision for affordable housing on The Parcel site a reality!

Read the Draft Master Plan

Take the survey - give us your feedback!

Watch the video of the Virtual Community Conversation held on October 13, 2020!

English Version available HERE:

Versión en español disponible aquí:

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The Town of Mammoth Lakes, along with their selected development partner, Pacific West Communities, Inc. of Eagle, Idaho, have been awarded a grant from the California Department of Housing and Community Development for design and construction of infrastructure for The Parcel in the amount of $20,601,216. Click here to read more...



La Ciudad de Mammoth Lakes, junto con Pacific West Communities, Inc. de Eagle, Idaho, su socio seleccionado para urbanización, han recibido una subvención de $20,601,216 dólares del Departamento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Comunitario de California (California Department of Housing and Community Development, HCD por su sigla en inglés), para ser usada en el diseño y construcción de infraestructura para el terreno llamado The Parcel. Haga clic aquí para leer más...


Town of Mammoth Lake Engages Their Community to “Plan the Parcel”

The Town of Mammoth Lakes is a unique resort getaway town tucked away in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is the only incorporated community in rural Mono County. It is home to many visitors throughout the year seeking a snowy adventure in the winter or hiking, mountain biking and fly-fishing in the summer. Residents of Mammoth Lakes welcome the visitors and part-time residents, but the constant flow of vacationers causes a unique challenge for the town. Because of the influx of visitors, the town suffers from a larger impact on emissions than the year-round population. Also plaguing the town, along with most California communities, is the need for housing, especially affordable housing. As with other resort areas, the price of existing housing stock and the presence of numerous second-home owners, leaves little housing available to lower-income full time residents and part-time residents have seasonal or temporary jobs alike.  Click here to read more from the Institute for Local Government.


FINAL Concept Plan for The ParcelFinal Concept Plan (2D)

What is The Parcel?

The Parcel (formerly known as the Shady Rest Tract) is a 25-acre undeveloped site located in Mammoth Lakes at the west end of Tavern Road, between Manzanita Road, Center Street, and Laurel Mountain Road. The Parcel has long been zoned to fulfill a significant portion of the existing affordable housing need in Mammoth Lakes, as well as to provide other community benefits described on page 25 of the 2007 General Plan. In accordance with the recommendations of the 2017 Community Housing Action Plan, the Town of Mammoth Lakes purchased the Parcel in 2018 and has initiated a Conceptual Land Use Planning process for the site known as “Plan The Parcel”. One of the primary goals of the Plan The Parcel process, which is anticipated to last through the end of 2019, is to gather feedback from the community to incorporate into the future design and development of the site. By providing your feedback at Upcoming Events or through various opportunities on our Engage Mammoth Lakes online feedback website, you can help ensure that development of the Parcel will not only provide much needed affordable housing but will also create a unique and vibrant place that Mammoth Lakes residents and visitors can enjoy. 

This page and its sub-pages include a summary of ongoing "Plan The Parcel" Conceptual Land Use Planning efforts for The Parcel. 

Stay Informed and Involved!




UPCOMING EVENTS - click here!

Featured Past Events:

Aug 20-23, 2019 - 4-day Plan The Parcel Public Design Workshop

June 26, 2019 - Joint Town Council/PEDC Workshop #1 - Staff and the LWC consultant team provided a summary of the results of public interview and the first online survey (see Presentation). This was followed by a discussion of "big picture" Guiding Principles and Development Objectives. 

Walk the Parcel - October 20, 2018 - Town Staff invited the Public to a Walk the Parcel Event, during which they conducted walking tours of the site and provided information and answered questions about the proposed project. 

Shady Rest Parcels