Parks and Facilities Status (as of 5.9.2019)

Whitmore Recreation Area

Whitmore Recreation Area is OPEN for the season.

Whitmore Pool

Whitmore Pool is OPEN for Lap Swim, Monday-Friday 6:30-8:30am AND Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30-7:30pm. For more information, please visit

Shady Rest Park

Shady Rest Park is OPEN for the season.

Mammoth Creek Park

Mammoth Creek Park is OPEN for the season.

Restroom facilities - OPEN.

Trails End Parks and Volcom Brothers Skate Park

Trails End Park and Volcom Brothers Skate Park is now OPEN for the season.

Community Center

Currently CLOSED for renovations. Scheduled to reopen in June 2019.

Community Tennis Courts

CLOSED for the season due to snow.

Playground - CLOSED due to snow.

Restroom facilities - CLOSED

Mammoth Ice Rink

CLOSED for the season. Scheduled to open November 29, 2019.

Mammoth RecZone

CLOSED for the season. Available for private rentals. For more information, please contact Kat Kelly at (760) 965-3697.


The Parks Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining and enhancing existing Town-owned or managed parkland to accommodate community needs. These amenities and facilities include:
Shady Rest Park
Mammoth Creek West / East
Community Center, Playground and Tennis Courts
Trails End Park & Volcom Brothers Skate Park
Mammoth Lakes Trail System
Town Sidewalks
Park and Ride Parking lot
Mammoth Lakes Tourism building
Mammoth Ice Rink / RecZone
Whitmore Pool
Whitmore Recreation Area - Ball fields, track & synthetic sports field
Transit, Parks office Building

To report a parks maintenance issue please complete a Parks and Trails online Report.