Mammoth Lakes Winter Fitness Challenge January 14th - March 31st

Get Outside! Win $100

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Winter Rec Challenge


Whether it be skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, running, biking, sledding, ice skating, etc. commit to completing 100 miles by the end of March.

How it works:

  1. Shoot us an email telling us that you're committed to doing 100 miles!
  2. Log your miles from January 14th - March 31st
  3. Submit your mileage as you complete them or weekly by taking a pic of your log and emailing it to .
  4. We will update our standings every Week here and on Facebook (Mammoth Parks N Rec). 

All submissions due March 31. Prizes awarded April 4. 

Participating in a variety of activities is encouraged.

We are encouraging everyone to participate in this FREE challenge. All ages are welcome.

Awards will be presented in the following categories:

Grand Prize:

Most cumulative miles in winter sports activities:  $100 Gift Card

(Winter Sports include: skiing/snowboarding, x-country skiing, ice skating, and snowshoeing)

Secondary Prizes:

Most miles completed in the following categories:

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • X-country skiing
  • Ice Skating
  • Walking/running/hiking/snowshoeing
  • Biking

Every participant who completes 100 miles will have their name entered into the draw for a "lucky finisher" prize.

Stay tuned for sponsors and prize details!

Get outside Mammoth Lakes!

Step One: Commit to the 100 miles goal!

Shoot us an email at 

Give us a quick introduction about yourself.  Tell us your name, age, and what your favorite winter activities are to start stacking up those 100 miles.  Once we get your information we'll post your name on the fitness board and keep tabs on your mileage.  You are committed to finishing those 100 miles by March 31.  (Don't worry, if you don't make your 100 miles there isn't any punishment). 

Step Two: Track those miles!

Get outside and get moving!  Skiing, snowboarding, running, cycling, sledding, ice skating, x-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc.  Multiple activities are encouraged!

Download a free app and start logging your mileage.  Make sure to link the app to your Facebook or Instagram accounts. 

Suggested apps: 

 StravaAdidas RuntasticNike Run ClubMy Fitness Pal, Runkeeper, Mammoth Mobile AppMy Climb etc.

Join our Strava Club: 2022 Winter Fitness Challenge

Step Three: Submit your mileage

Email us at with a screenshot of your results. 

Share your pics with Instagram and/or Facebook and make sure to tag or mention Mammoth Parks N. Rec! For your social media tag/mention (@MammothParksNRec).

Step Four: Check your progress

Standings will be updated every week. Check out your competition, claim your bragging rights and keep moving.



Name Mileage
Matthew Hall 522.41
John Sindell 375.8
Ivan Hernandez 298.4
Betsy Truax 216.81
Lee Niffenegger 127.95
Clarissa Pinto Ribeiro 122.42
Sandra Pearce 115
Bridget Byrne 110.08
Doug Gebhart 56
Mike Peterson 44.15
Stuart Brown 20.6
Cathy Wuesthoff 10


Name Mileage
Mike Peterson 223.51

Cross Country Skiing

Name Mileage
Matthew Hall 254.92
Mike Peterson 124.43
Slavka Crouthamel 41.8
Lee Niffenegger 36.63
John Sindell 34.5
Sandra Pearce 32
Clarissa Pinto Ribeiro 29.57
Claire Dornbush 12.29
Staci Brock 9.21
Sarah Barker 2.45

Ice Skating

Name Mileage
Sarah Barker 8.43
Mike Peterson 2.67
Betsy Truax 1.7


Name Mileage
Erick Sugimura 210.96
Bridget Byrne 97.44
Slavka Crouthamel 70.19
Sarah Barker 67.93
Cathy Wuesthoff 59.3
Claire Dornbush 57.12
Clarissa Pinto Ribeiro 26.13
Stuart Brown 25.5
Amanda Pennington 11.64
Sandra Pearce 10
Lee Niffenegger 4.91
Betsy Truax 3.42
John Sindell 3.1
Doug Gebhart 1.64


Name Mileage
Lee Niffenegger 1682.74
John Sindell 1235.9
Matthew Hall 826.59
Cathy Wuesthoff 544.5
Staci Brock 423.11
Jose Toledo 369.09
Slavka Crouthamel 94.48
Sandra Pearce 81
Betsy Truax 19.78
Sarah Barker 9.13

Winter Sports Totals

Name Mileage
Matthew Hall 777.33
John Sindell 410.3
Mike Peterson 394.76
Ivan Hernandez 298.4
Betsy Truax 218.51
Lee Niffenegger 164.58
Clarissa Pinto Ribeiro 151.99
Sandra Pearce 147
Bridget Byrne 110.08
Doug Gebhart 56
Slavka Crouthamel 41.8
Stuart Brown 20.6
Sarah Barker 18.5
Claire Dornbush 12.29
Cathy Wuesthoff 10
Staci Brock 9.21

Overall Totals

Name Mileage
Lee Niffenegger 1852.23
John Sindell 1649.3
Matthew Hall 1603.92
Cathy Wuesthoff 613.8
Staci Brock 432.32
Mike Peterson 394.76
Jose Toledo 369.09
Ivan Hernandez 298.4
Erick Sugimura 243.34
Betsy Truax 241.71
Sandra Pearce 238
Bridget Byrne 207.52
Slavka Crouthamel 206.47
Clarissa Pinto Ribeiro 178.12
Sarah Barker 87.94
Claire Dornbush 69.41
Doug Gebhart 57.64
Stuart Brown 46.1
Amanda Pennington 11.64